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Staying Safe During the Holidays

Staying Safe During the Holidays

We’re right in the middle of the crazy holiday season and with that comes shopping, decorating, baking, and everything else that may go with your holiday season. We wanted to take a moment to share with you a few safety tips that you should know, but in the mix of all of the hustle and bustle, may forget.

Shopping in Stores

  • Always lock your car. If you have gifts in your car, either keep them in your trunk or covered up. Never let a potential burglar be enticed to try to get into your vehicle.
  • Keep your personal items close. Limit what you have on you and try to keep everything in your pockets. Ladies – if you have a purse – keep it on you and never leave it sitting in your cart while you step away for a second.

Online Shopping

  • Never order from a site that isn’t secure (even if they are guaranteeing shipping by Christmas). Chances are you can find that gift on a different website.
  • Ship to work. If you aren’t going to be home when your packages arrive, consider shipping them to work or to a family member who will be home. Don’t let items sit out on your porch for too long, especially if they’re very valuable.

Decorating Safety

  • If you have a real tree, keep it watered. Dry trees could possibly catch fire.
  • For those of you with little kids or pets, keep fragile items out of reach from them. Also, avoid having candles within reach of little hands or wagging tails.
  • Don’t decorate with lights that look damaged.
  • Always turn your lights off before you go to bed or when you’re leaving the house.

As always, enjoy your holiday season, and always keep safety in mind!

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