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How DUIs Affect Your Insurance Rate

How DUIs Affect Your Insurance Rate

We all want to have fun and have a great time in the company of our loved ones. We are willing to take vacation time off work and travel for miles just to be close to them especially during the holidays. However, sometime while being caught up in all of the festivities one can lose track of ones own drinking. It goes without saying that it’s illegal to drive while intoxicated since in an instant so many things can go wrong. Even if by luck you don’t get in an accident or end someone’s life, if caught by the police here is how a DUI can affect you personally.

Many times, a DUI will drop off your driving record after 3-7 years. However, the infraction is likely to remain on your criminal record indefinitely. After the citation is off your driving record, your rates will return to normal. In most cases, a DUI will raise your insurance rates for a minimum of three years.

Furthermore, on the third anniversary of that first DUI you can still count on your insurance rates staying super high, to the tune of 63.47%. So, if you pay $100 a month for insurance, a DUI means you’ll be paying an extra $761 a year for insurance. A full three years after the incident! Also, some insurers will not pay out if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This means that your insurance could be invalid after one drink even if you are well within the legal limit.

To summarize…DON’T drink and drive! You have traveled so many miles to see your loved ones and enjoy the holidays, so plan ahead and stay safe.

From all of us at Rothenberger Insurance Services…Happy Holidays!



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